Thursday, 29 September 2016

Your Toy Box!

So I was going to do an unboxing video but, I realized that the camera on the laptop is not worth mentioning. So blurry! I do however have pictures of my sweet, sweet toy loot. I am definitely going to get this box again. All it is, if you don't know, is a subscription box for collectible toys. When you sign up you get a huge list of categories to choose from, so Your Toy Box is more personalized towards your favourite things. The guy that runs it, Trevor Taylor, is great to talk to if you want more specific kinds of items. I very highly recommend getting at least one, apparently if you go up to ten boxes you can get a colossal box, which is a much bigger box with a lot more toys .You can create one at, if you're interested of course.

Pretty sure he's counterfeit, but he's awesome nonetheless.
Absolutely love this little Gengar!

Zoom zoom, Donkey Kong!

Awesome little xenomorph.

He's older than me!
Rubbery Machoke!

Mario chess piece


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